Terms and Conditions

As an event volunteer, you will be representing the South Australian Tourism Commission (“SATC”) as a worker. You acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. I agree to conform to the SATC event guide policy which is incorporated into, and becomes part of these conditions;
  2. I understand that I will be under the supervision and direction of an officer or agent of the SATC and agree to follow reasonable requests and directions given in order to perform set tasks to the best of my ability and assist other workers as required;
  3. I agree to follow directions given in relation to the safe performance of tasks and undertake to perform those tasks lawfully so as not to endanger my safety or the safety of others by any act or omission;
  4. In connection with my work, I acknowledge that I am only entitled to the benefit of SATC insurance policies for personal accident and public liability;
  5. If I am involved in a work injury, I will report that injury to the SATC officer to whom I report within twenty-four (24) hours;
  6. I acknowledge that the SATC will not pay any expenses unless they have been pre-approved in writing by the SATC (in its absolute discretion) and I submit receipts for those expenses;
  7. Where a loan vehicle and/or equipment is provided by the SATC, I will acknowledge by signature the collection and return of the vehicle and/or equipment in accordance with loan vehicle agreements and/or policies as the case may be;
  8. If I am directed to drive a loan vehicle, I will have on my person a current and valid driver’s license of the appropriate class;
  9. Where I am unsure of tasks to be performed, or how those tasks are to be performed, I will seek clarification from SATC’s officer or agent to whom I report;
  10. I agree to be courteous and helpful towards other workers and/or those for whom I am providing a service;
  11. I understand the trust placed in me as an event volunteer, and will at all times act in the best interests of, and respect the property and rights of the SATC, its employees, officers, agents and customers;
  12. I grant the SATC permission to use photographs, film, audio, or other recording, still or moving, taken of me in digital, electronic, print, television, and film advertising, promotion and marketing;
  13. I understand that I must keep the SATC’s information confidential and only use or disclose Confidential Information to the extent necessary for the purpose of my work. In this clause Confidential Information means any information provided by the SATC to me or which comes into my possession in connection with my work which the SATC has identified as confidential or I ought reasonably to know is confidential;
  14. I acknowledge that the SATC has the discretion to use my services as it sees fit;
  15. I confirm that I have disclosed details of all convictions and/or findings of guilt against me and acknowledge that my appointment as an event volunteer is conditional on me giving my consent to the conduct of a police check or any additional personnel checks;
  16. I understand that my appointment as an SATC volunteer may be terminated by the SATC (in its absolute discretion) if my screening check assessment presents an unacceptable risk to the SATC;
  17. I agree that SATC requires personal information from me for the purposes of: (a) assessing my application and, where appropriate, offering me a position; (b) conducting market research and analysis that helps the SATC improve and customise its products and services; (c) sending me customer service emails including registration confirmations and event reminders; (d) preventing or detecting unlawful behaviour, to protect or enforce the SATC’s legal rights or as otherwise permitted by law; (e) ensuring the security of the SATC’s and the SATC’s supplier operations; (f) creating a profile about me to help the SATC personalise its services to me if I have consented to SATC marketing; (g) sharing that personal information with: (i) third parties who supply goods and services: (A) on which the SATC’s products and systems are built; or (B) so that they can run the SATC’s event and for other reasons described in their privacy policies, (ii) government departments, agencies or other authorised bodies where permitted or required by law; and
  18. I understand that the SATC will manage my personal information pursuant to the SATC’s Privacy Policy Statement available at https://tourism.sa.gov.au/privacy-statement which sets out how the SATC collects, holds, uses, and discloses personal information in relation to me for the purposes listed above.